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My Mind's Miles...

Sometimes I think my mind is going a million miles a minute

Thoughts overcrowding each other

Like bumper to bumper traffic during rush hour

I have to move quick and maneuver over into the other lane before another thought cuts me off

I think I got it written all down but now I can't quite remember

I jot things down in my phone, in my email, in my journal, even on a sticky note

Please don't let me forget what I am about to say before I even get to say it

Damn! There it goes again!

Speeding up trying to pass me on my right but not ready yet

I havent had a chance to write it down yet

Wait just a few more minutes so I can get this one logged permanently into my memory

So many ideas, dreams, goals, to-do lists that I am trying to decipher

As to which ones I should earnestly pursue

To try and pursue all of them would be crazy right?!

Or would it be crazy not to?!

~Adiva Williams


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