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Memoirs of the Beautifully Insane Reviews...


Ms. Adiva is a writer's writer! As an author/poet myself it takes something special to intrigue me fully and "Memoirs of the Bautifully Insane" pulled me in line, bait and sinker. Geniuneness crosses all barriers, age, race, nationalities, sex etc. Ms. Adiva invited you to look into her personal notebook and journals which is truly refreshing in a world that has turned so cold. If you are looking for something that you will read more than once through life or that your spirit will yearn for, BUY A COPY NOW! I did and I'm already waiting on her next release as we speak, 5 stars Ma'am Bravo!!! ~Erika


Memoirs of the Beautifully Insane is a book truly written from the heart. You can feel the Authors passion and love through her words and stories. "It began with..." gives you a sexual side, "Period" gives you the life experience side, "Mind war" gives you a mental and emotion side, and so many others give you doses of love, life, growth and spiritual connection. I connected with so many entries and thoroughly enjoyed getting a peek into this Author's world. I would definitely buy another book from Adiva Williams. ~Ebony  


I've had this book for a little while now, and I've read parts of it more than once. Miss Adiva Williams uses words to take you on a journey into her world. Along the way, the intrigue, the insightfulness, and the inspiration she provides will keep you thoroughly entertained. My PartSis has written a great book that can be given as a gift or bought for self, either way, you can't go wrong with purchasing a copy. Memoirs of the Beautifully Insane by Adiva Williams. ~Kim  


I just finished my Sister Adiva Willaims book : Memoirs of the BeautifuLLy InsaNe!!! " All I can say is it was A MasteriNg HeaRt piece of work!!! The depth of this book will send chills down your spine....this is the epitome of the saying my life is a OpeN Book she poured her heart spirit and souL into it. I am a satisfied customer can't wait for the next book to be reLeased. FaN for Life!! Get this book it won't and can't disappoint! ~Carmen


Adiva I received this book as a birthday present and I will admit this is best gift ever!!! I needed to read this book for so many different reasons! I couldn't put it down!! A must have get your copy today!! ~Jessica


Ms. Williams prose is outstanding. As I read there was no way I could not be captivated by every page. You will find yourself identifying with every single word and hanging on every single line. ~Jay


Really Good Book! Well written, thoughtful and insightful. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down. Finished in one day! I would definitely recommend! Can't wait for the next book! ~Felicia


Love this book! It brings me peace, insight, and imagination personally. A Great read for All!! ~Keesha



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