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Editing & Writing Services

Grammatical errors can be the deal breaker for a good book. It is disappointing to have to put a book down because you cannot get through the first chapter due to so many errors. Now you can put your trust in me. I can handle all of your book editing needs.  Just send me an email to inquire about prices.




Harmonie Reigns' - "Fantasies, Sex, Lies, & Love... Chronicles of the Heart and Mind"

                                   "The Ties That Bind"

Adiva Williams' - "Memoirs of the Beautifully Insane"

                              "Poetic Confessions: Volume 1"

                              "101 Haikus About Love"

                              "Trans 101: Insight Into the Transmen of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"

                              "60 Days of Poetry Writing Prompts"

                              "Poetic Confessions: Volume II - A Collection of Poetry & Erotic Prose"

Dr. Jay L. Hewlett's - "Gifted Beyond Measure"

Lyndon B. Habersham, Jr's - "The Young and Once Prince"

Eligah Garvey's - "Blackfest Destiny"


NOTE: Adiva edits under the name 'FJ Alexander'


Basic Copy
Basic Copy Editing services include:


Intermediate Copy Editing
Intermediate Copy
Editing services include:

Advance Copy


Advance Copy Editing services include:


  • One complete edit

  • Minor spelling, grammar, and punctuation corrections

  • Minor sentence restructuring


NOTE: There is an additional charge for excessive error corrections and/or formatting

  • Basic Copy Editing

  • One additional complete edit

  • Sentence restructuring recommendations


NOTE: There is an additional charge for sentence restructuring


  • Intermediate Copy Editing

  • One additional complete edit

  • Major sentence restructuring

  • 'Ghost'/rewriting where needed


NOTE: There is an additional charge for major 'Ghost'/rewriting

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