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A Day In My Valley


The Mood Journal


A Day In My Valley - The Mood Journal is a journal for someone who battles with Bipolar Disorder, Depression and/or Anxiety. Lovingly created by someone who battles with Bipolar Disorder. Designed with the intent to help promote a positive outlet to release those emotions that tend to build up to the point of no return. It is time to let it all out. 



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Praying While Being Thankful


Prayer & Gratitude Journal


Praying While Being Thankful - Prayer & Gratitude Journal is a journal to record your prayer requests so that you can see them manifest.


When life decides to give you 'lemons' look for the sweeter side to turn things around.  Take a moment to breathe, pray and give thanks through it all!  Write it down.  So when it turns around, you can look back, reflect on it and be grateful.



I Love You Because Front Cover.jpg

I Love You Because...


Love Letter Journal


I Love You Because - Love Letter Journal was created with LOVE in mind to allow all the opportunity to express to their spouse, significant other, love one or anyone else who means the world to them just how much they are loved, thought of, cared about and appreciated. 


Includes pages for writing your love letters and 'Reasons' for loving those who make your heart sing!

It is the PERFECT journal to share! You and your love can write letters to each other and create the PERFECT keepsake!


Trans Journal Cvr.jpg

The Journey to My Authentic Self


The Trans Journal 


The Journey to My Authentic Self - The Trans Journal is a journal specifically designed for someone who is beginning his/her/their journey to transition.  Created to allow the opportunity to save important dates, information and memories.


The journal also includes positive affirmation statements and national resources.

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