Memoirs of the Beautifully Insane


An Intimate Collection of Poems, Letters & Reality Checks.


Memoirs of the Beautifully Insane encompasses poems, letters and the valuable lessons learned in life.  Adiva’s experience will give you insight into friendships, love and relationships in the world around us.


A thought provoking intimate journey that inspires, encourages and motivates your belief in love, faith, peace and truth.


This unique outlook will give you a glimpse into your own mind, heart and soul.



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Poetic Confessions: Volume I


Poetry, Letters and Something to Think About.


Poetic Confessions: Volume I is a collection of poetry, letters and thought provoking statements filled with insight into Adiva's mind, heart and soul like only she knows how to share it.


The poems will warm and lighten your heart.  The letters will speak to the depths of your soul.  The thought provoking statements will motivate you to push your boundaries.


If you thought her first book of poetry, Memoirs of the Beautifully Insane, made your heart flutter, then you will definitely enjoy Poetic Confessions: Volume I.


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101 Haikus About Love


101 Haikus About Love is a collection of the author's, Adiva Williams, views and feelings about the all-inclusive 4-letter word all written in the Japanese poem style composing of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five. 

Who doesn't want, need and enjoy LOVE?! This poetry book keeps it short, sweet and to the point! Can be shared with your spouse, significant other, love one or any other special person in your life.


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60 Days of Poetry Writing Prompts


60 Days of Poetry Writing Prompts was created to aid in poetic creativity.  Includes poem explanations and examples to get you motivated.  Also has various subject writing prompts and extra pages for plenty of writing space. 


Easy to comprehend and user friendly.  Can be used by the poet just starting to write or the well-seasoned one.  There is something for everyone.



POETIC CONF - VOL II - Front cover.jpg

Poetic Confessions: Volume II


A Collection of Poetry & Erotic Prose


Poetic Confessions: Volume II - A Collection of Poetry & Erotic Prose is Adiva Williams' fifth poetry book and is the follow up to Poetic Confessions: Volume I.  It is comprised of 85 poems that cover life, love, relationships, social issues, mental health, death and motivation.  It also has four erotic short stories that introduce the reader to Adiva’s fantasy side.

As Adiva’s poetic journey continues, she hopes that her words continue to inspire, encourage, uplift and motivate each and every reader. Enjoy!

Trans 101

Insight Into the Transmen of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Trans 101: Insight Into the Transmen of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is a compilation of over 100 interviews and question responses that were personally collected by Adiva Williams over a three month period. The questions selected were chosen with the intent to help educate and open the minds and eyes of those who still remain in the dark or choose to continue to turn a blind eye towards the transgender community - especially towards the Transman.


Trans 101 is Adiva's earnest attempt to help answer the questions that society may wonder but will not take the time to ask. Through reading these interviews and responses, it is with great hope that not only a better level of understanding emerges but also a new level of respect.